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"Naive expression of love" [Wednesday
May 24th, 2:33pm]

[ mood | excited ]

From the latest paulandstorm tour info:

Saturday, July 15 - Mo Pitkin's
10 p.m.
23 Avenue A, New York, NY
(212) 777-5660

Needless to say, I am totally there (and very glad that the wedding we're attending earlier that day starts at 5, so we should be able to leave by 9 without offending anyone or missing anything important). I hope all right-thinking NYC-area dvnts and other wackos will come by.

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Icons + Updates [Friday
April 7th, 7:09pm]

+ New mod: ladyfuchsia
+ Updated userinfo
+ Updated layout
+ 9 Paul and Storm icons

Suggestions welcomed!

Probably not the band you came to see tonightCollapse )

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Paul and Storm [Saturday
April 1st, 1:00pm]


Google Groups
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Browse Archives at groups.google.com
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The Longest Time [Friday
March 24th, 3:11pm]

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I've been in this community for a while but haven't posted. Recently, my choir has been singing an arrangement of The Longest Time which says it's by Richard Hsu. I was wondering if this was the Richard Hsu of DVN or not, because if it is, that is very cool.
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If you're not on the Paul & Storm email list ... [Friday
October 14th, 9:57am]

[ mood | amused ]

They've released a new mp3 to the wilds of the interweb.

Better Version of You.

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September 15th, 12:14pm]

I don’t know whether this is allowed, but I’m making a plug for the first (and only) Bobs community on LJ! I just formed it because I felt that The Bobs needed an LJ community! So please join!


I know there are fans here!!
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Going For Gloria [Monday
September 12th, 6:48pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Awhile back, I was surfing around on MySpace when I happened upon two young guys about 18 from Bristol in the UK. They claimed to be an acoustic comedy/folkrock duo, so naturally I had to check them out! They're really very lovely guys, and their songs are cute. Amusing, anyway. Naturally being fed on a religious diet of Paul & Storm at the time, they were nowhere near up to par, but given their age and accents, I decided to contact them anyway!

I told them that I thought they had a lot of potential and that if they were interested in listening to some other music comedy acts then they should check out so and so. Wendy had just recommend Modern Man to me and I really liked them, so I told these guys to have a listen to Modern Man, Da Vinci's Notebook, Paul and Storm and the Arrogant Worms. One of them, Bert, got back to me instantly and said that out of all them, he'd enjoyed Paul & Storm the most, because of their Rejected Radio Jingles, in particular; "Ovaltine"!

Hahaha. So here's hoping that Going For Gloria has been influenced by Paul & Storm!! Check 'em out, they deserve some encouragement!

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one more icon... [Thursday
September 1st, 2:29pm]

Heather Graham
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as recommended... [Tuesday
August 30th, 10:46pm]

DVN icons! :-D

DVN -- Title of the Song
DVN -- The Joy of Pickled Okra

If anyone wants to use them, please comment & credit me. :-) Thanks!
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Awesome!! [Tuesday
August 30th, 7:31pm]

While I was in the shower, I thought, "Damn it, Pam, you've spent aaaaages setting up and participating in Livejournal communities over the last couple of months and you know what? You haven't even checked to see if there are any Da Vinci's Notebook communities yet, you utter twat, where the hell are your priorities?" So now I'm sitting here with my hair wrapped in a towell going 'HEY! I know these people, they're on the davincisnotebook + paulandstorm + berndaddie Yahoo! groups!'

You know, the world is so gigantic and all, but the internet is tiny. I've run into you guys AGAIN. Hahahaha. That's just so awesome. I'm glad to see that there's such a devoted fanbase!! Well, it looks as if this community hasn't been updated in ages - and it could sure do with a bit of a facelift - but I am here and willing to participate! Who else? Gaaaaaaaarn... you know you wanna!! DVN Love on Livejournal! That's too cool. I ♥ Livejournal communities, they are oodles of fun. So! Does anyone here make like a real fan, break a hundred copyright laws and make icons and banners of DVN etc? I was working on a few icons featuring Paul and Storm the other night but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to post them. :D

Anyway, LET ME KNOW YOU'RE ALIVE!! A DVN community is too good a thing to go to waste.

xox Pammy
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Paul and Storm Group [Sunday
January 23rd, 2:06am]

Click here to join paulandstorm
Click to join paulandstorm
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Richard Spawn! [Tuesday
October 5th, 5:21pm]

[ mood | good ]

In case you guys haven't heard yet, Richard Tsu and his lovely Michelle had a baby on Sept 24th, 2004. Baby Robert (not sure what surname, come to think of it) weighs 7 lb, 4.7 oz. and came in at 19.5 inches long. Richard is gurgling appropriately at the baby, and does the whole adoring daddy thing very well. :)

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July 15th, 10:15am]

Just some quick updates.

In case you haven't heard, Paul and Storm have a website, *and* a new CD called Shame and Cookie Dough (complete with director's commentary).

And Bernie has launched his own Yahoo!Group (complete with pictures of himself in Singer-Songwriter Dude mode) for updates on his own musical endeavors.

Has anyone heard anything about what Richard's up to these days? Maybe riding around on the back of a giant turtle?
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Quick question [Sunday
May 30th, 9:22pm]

Anyone from the DC area want to carpool to Bryn Mawr on June 24 (as an up and back in one night kind of thing)? It's only three hours or so either way. I want to go, I just don't like driving alone late at night out of state.
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About the Southpark pics of the guys. [Tuesday
May 4th, 6:22pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Okay, can I say that this is, like, the coolest thing I've seen in I don't know how long? Although I seem to have Televangelist Hair.

Storm's is the best.

Thanks, Jonathon,


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May 3rd, 10:43pm]

Da Vinci's Notebook - Southpark StyleCollapse )
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Last time [Monday
May 3rd, 12:58pm]

[ mood | tired ]

One more quick post:

Two nights at the Barns of Wolf Trap - much fun. Friday kicked ass more than Saturday; more empty seats Saturday. But lots of fun nonetheless and the guys are as awesome offstage as they are onstage.

Pictures from both nights are here: http://community.webshots.com/user/esajudita2

Ok, that's it.

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April 27th, 1:26pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Last night I received this email:

Hi Lena,

Gene Lewin from GrooveLily here ... Paul from DVN gave me your email
address (he told me to say hi and apologize for spacing out the
other night) ... he forwarded one of the photos you took Saturday
night at Jammin' Java -- the one with Val and Paul leaning on each
other from the encore -- and I just posted it on the gallery on our
web site (www.groovelily.com) ... I hope that's ok with you. Of
course, if you'd rather not, no worries; just let me know. Also, I
credited it to "Lena" because I didn't know your last name ... feel
free to send whatever name you want me to use, and thanks for coming
out to the show and taking the great pix!


How cool is that???

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Jammin' Java [Saturday
April 24th, 11:18pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Storm and Paul and Groovelily put on a kick-ass show tonight. This was the first time I had ever seen Paul play keyboard (he plays it well!), and the first time I had heard Seabiscuit and the commercial jingles. Very entertaining, lots of fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. And Groovelily is without equal.

I'll post pictures on http://community.webshots.com/user/esajudita in the next few days.

Oh, and isildur42, it was nice to meet you both. See you (and anyone else) next weekend.

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tomorrow [Friday
April 23rd, 11:09pm]

Oops, I messed up and left the Arabic shirt at school. So: look for a girl in a long black broomstick skirt, two scarves tied around her waist, and a blue/yellow/green tie-dyed tshirt. Come say hi. Maybe the DVNts can all grab a table in the front and be Paul and Storm's cheering section...
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