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Going For Gloria

Awhile back, I was surfing around on MySpace when I happened upon two young guys about 18 from Bristol in the UK. They claimed to be an acoustic comedy/folkrock duo, so naturally I had to check them out! They're really very lovely guys, and their songs are cute. Amusing, anyway. Naturally being fed on a religious diet of Paul & Storm at the time, they were nowhere near up to par, but given their age and accents, I decided to contact them anyway!

I told them that I thought they had a lot of potential and that if they were interested in listening to some other music comedy acts then they should check out so and so. Wendy had just recommend Modern Man to me and I really liked them, so I told these guys to have a listen to Modern Man, Da Vinci's Notebook, Paul and Storm and the Arrogant Worms. One of them, Bert, got back to me instantly and said that out of all them, he'd enjoyed Paul & Storm the most, because of their Rejected Radio Jingles, in particular; "Ovaltine"!

Hahaha. So here's hoping that Going For Gloria has been influenced by Paul & Storm!! Check 'em out, they deserve some encouragement!
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