Third Technician David Lister (isildur_42) wrote in dvnts,
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About the Southpark pics of the guys.

Okay, can I say that this is, like, the coolest thing I've seen in I don't know how long? Although I seem to have Televangelist Hair.

Storm's is the best.

Thanks, Jonathon,

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Very, very, very cool.

Why is it that Paul seems capable of answering email all of a sudden? I sent him one with a question about something TWO WEEKS AGO and never got an answer...:)

it's because he likes me better :P
::laughs, then sticks out tongue at you::

Waaaahhh, Skippy likes you beeeeeeeeettttteeeeerrrrrr....

Just kidding. :)
waiting to see what the other guys think...