The Painted Duchess (ladyfuchsia) wrote in dvnts,
The Painted Duchess


While I was in the shower, I thought, "Damn it, Pam, you've spent aaaaages setting up and participating in Livejournal communities over the last couple of months and you know what? You haven't even checked to see if there are any Da Vinci's Notebook communities yet, you utter twat, where the hell are your priorities?" So now I'm sitting here with my hair wrapped in a towell going 'HEY! I know these people, they're on the davincisnotebook + paulandstorm + berndaddie Yahoo! groups!'

You know, the world is so gigantic and all, but the internet is tiny. I've run into you guys AGAIN. Hahahaha. That's just so awesome. I'm glad to see that there's such a devoted fanbase!! Well, it looks as if this community hasn't been updated in ages - and it could sure do with a bit of a facelift - but I am here and willing to participate! Who else? Gaaaaaaaarn... you know you wanna!! DVN Love on Livejournal! That's too cool. I ♥ Livejournal communities, they are oodles of fun. So! Does anyone here make like a real fan, break a hundred copyright laws and make icons and banners of DVN etc? I was working on a few icons featuring Paul and Storm the other night but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to post them. :D

Anyway, LET ME KNOW YOU'RE ALIVE!! A DVN community is too good a thing to go to waste.

xox Pammy
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